Feb 1, 2010

Sloss No. 2

Posted by: Naaman 

Sloss No. 2 was the site of one of the mines that supplied raw materials to Birmingham's Sloss Furnace. Today, only parts remain. The actual mine portal dates 1890, but unfortunately, the entrance has been effectively sealed and filled with stone. However, the structure of the entrance and the hoist house remain. Sloss No. 2 shut down in 1959.









6. The Hoist House, Built in the 1830's

7. Entrance

8. Giant Cable System

9. 1500 H.P. 2200V General Electric Motor added in the 1920's







16. One of the only remnants of TCI's "High Line"

17. Panorama

Thanks to DeBandi for the tips and historical.


  1. I have been there before it was sealed off. it must have been sealed recently.

  2. The place showed no signs of activity in years. But yeah probably pre 90s earliest.

  3. it was sealed off from around 2005 to 2010 my dad took me out there when it was still open and its just a few miles from my house so i go by there every now and then and you can still feel ice cold air coming out of the small hole were there,s no dirt and that means there a air shaft open somewhere on the hill side and if you walked under that old railroad track there was two nooses hanging under it

  4. December 09 me and a buddy went in #2, you have a pretty good picture of the small trail into the tunnel that we opened up. Where is #1 and #3 portals located?

  5. I was there days after you. You got in that little slit? I have no idea where the others are.

  6. Sloss mines consisted of #1 and #2 both sealed ( the lower Sloss mines ) and Ruffner 1 - 5 ( upper Sloss mines..) We all love the mines and the history and wish those would not encourage entry onto state property.Trying to enter the mines is prohibited and dangerous. Sloss #1 and 2 are on Bessemer City, Walter Minerals and Red Mountain Park State Property... The mines are not open to public access and are patrolled be Bessemer City, Walter Minerals and Red Mountain Park Rangers.. People found on the property can be held for local authorities. Two have already been arrested. You could be lucky, but timing is everything.. We would not want anyone to be next.. But that is up to you.

  7. Hey, "who is watching".....if you acknowledge that "we all love the mines and the history", then stop threatening those with arrest who wish to learn from the past! Instead, help in getting these sites "secure" and open to the public to appreciate. Safe the arrests for those in Bessemer who rape and rob. I am NOT committing a crime by appreciating history. It is a CRIME to forbid us from seeing where our family worked in the past.

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